Cast and Terms

More will be added as the story progresses

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Name: Yoru

Age: 16

Yoru is a kind girl that can be a little naive. she sold her soul to the forest demon for a chance to go to oscurare to find her brother who never returned home to Yule. She has the spirit mark of life. she is still unaware of her full powers, but is slowly learning to use them.
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Name:Forest Demon


Living in the dark forest, the forest demon waits for anyone who wonders into his forest to make a deal with.
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Name: Notte


Notte has a complicated past that is constantly coming back to haunt him, so he doesn't really like to get close to anyone. He's been on the run and alone for four years.
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Skye was born with cat ears and abandoned at ten, he was taken in by Jiji. He has the spirit of the elements (Elemento) he can use his powers to their full potential but can get a little out of hand at times. His body can heal his own wounds on contact but not others and drains his energy. he has a fiancee named Sakura.  photo cattivo-cast-page_zpsd2e8fa7d.jpg


An old friend from Notte's "dark days" cattivo seems like the gentleman type but is dangerous and crazy. He isn't a full blooded Ombra and is able to wear a human form and walk in the sun. he (like Notte) is known as a cursed blood. He keeps the human Arina around as a way to get into cities.
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A girl who has the spirit of time (kali) she is often seen at the side of cattivo. though he does keep her out of most of his evil deeds she will help him when he requests it. she is his key to getting into the most protected cities. She has very twisted sense of right and wrong.
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Incendio is hot headed and very dangerous. his claws emit a toxic vapor that burns on contact.
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Vanier is one of the oldest Ombra's in Oscurare. His abilities are a mystery for now. he is often seen with his shadow bird tsuru.


Ombra- Ombra are the shadow demons like Incendio and Vanier. They are very old and survive off souls, and blood. They can't be in sunlight and their skin is like porcelain.

Cursed Blood- Cursed bloods are humans that have made a contract with an Ombra. They still have their human bodies (and can be in sun light) but over the years the Ombra inside of them will slowly start to take control until their human soul is gone. when the human soul is gone they change and turn into the Ombra they had the contract with.

The Marked/Spirit Marks- Spirit marks are marks that represent the spirits. when someone has these marks that means they can use the power of that particular spirit.